Un quart d’heure avec Pierre Arvay


Introduction - Credits:

A weekly radio programme broadcast on the Paris Inter channel (now France Inter), in which Pierre Arvay played songs and musical standards on the piano.
Other possible formats: Une demi-heure or Dix minutes avec Pierre Arvay.

Sound recording: Colette Thomas, assisted by Raymond Besse
Musical and piano arrangements: Pierre Arvay

Summary - Information:

In this other volume of Un quart d’heure avec Pierre Arvay, broadcast in December 1949 or January 1950, Pierre Arvay played several of his songs intended for performance in cabarets or live on the radio (some were also pressed and marketed).

The presenter announced songs ‘created with the songwriter Jean Lambertie’, but there were some from other songwriters indeed.

Timing of the songs:

  • From 0’49’’ to 2’04’’: Square aux souvenirs (G. Sire/P. Arvay), song notably performed by Jacques Ferreira on 5 November 1948, in the radio broadcast Ne cherchez pas à comprendre;
  • From 2’05’’ to 3’05’’: C’est l’hiver déjà (F. Vimont, H. Lemarchand/P. Arvay), song recorded by Fernand Robidoux and pressed in 1949, 78 RPM RCA Victor n° 55‑5340;
  • From 3’06 to 3’57’’: Hier (H. Lemarchand/P. Arvay), song notably performed by Micheline Joye in April 1948, in the radio broadcast Récital Micheline Joye;
  • From 3’58’’ to 5’35’’: Après tout pourquoi pas (L. Riesner/ P. Arvay);
  • From 5’36’’ to 6’56’’: Niger (J. Lambertie, R. de Longo/P. Arvay), song notably performed by André Aubrun on 21 February 1950, in the radio broadcast Notre belle France, le Pays basque;
  • From 6’57’’ to 7’16’’: Si tu voulais (B. Caffot/ P. Arvay);
  • From 7’17’’ to 7’44’’: Laissez-moi seule (J. Lambertie, L. Boyer/P. Arvay), song recorded by Lucienne Boyer and Jean Deny and pressed in 1950, 78 RPM Saturne C‑910 and 78 RPM Pacific n° 2582;
  • From 7’45’’ to 8’37’’: Le Relais des hirondelles (J. Lambertie, L. Boyer/P. Arvay), song recorded by Lucienne Boyer and pressed in 1950, 78 RPM Saturne C‑909;
  • From 8’38’’ to 9’21’’: Jojo bel ange (J. Lambertie/ P. Arvay);
  • From 9’22 to 10’03’’: Prière à ton cœur (L. Riesner/ P. Arvay), song notably performed on 19 December 1949, in the radio broadcast Une chanson par jour;
  • From 10’04’’ to 12’09’’: Une étoile (H. Lemarchand/ P. Arvay), followed by an improvisation;
  • From 12’10’’ to 12’57: Amour fragile (M. Olivier/P. Arvay), song recorded by Pierre Martina and pressed in 1950, 78 RPM Saturne n° C‑912;
  • From 12’58’’ to 13’38’’: Chagrin du ciel (J. Lambertie/ P. Arvay), song which is also the theme tune of the programme Un quart d’heure avec Pierre Arvay;
  • From 13’39’’ to 13’57’’: reprise of Amour fragile (M. Olivier/P. Arvay);
  • From 13’58’’ to the end: reprise of Chagrin du ciel (J. Lambertie/ P. Arvay), theme tune of the programme.

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