Ne cherchez pas à comprendre


Introduction - Credits:

A regular radio programme broadcast on the Paris Inter channel (now France Inter)

Production and creation: Gérard Sire and Pierre Pat
Presentation: Christine Darbel and Lawrence Riesner

Original soundtrack: Pierre Arvay

Summary - Information:

In the broadcast of 5 November 1948, the two presenters poetically recounted the disappearance of the little bistros, replaced by the cellars in Saint-Germain-des-Prés frequented by the Existentialists and where people then went to listen to music. These words were accompanied by an accordion theme and by songs, including Le Square aux souvenirs (G. Sire/P. Arvay), sung by Jacques Ferreira, with Jean Meyet accompanying him on the piano. It is just one of numerous songs composed by Pierre Arvay for radio or cabarets, and which have never been recorded on disc.

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