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Créa Sound MCN 8031 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1985 — Canada

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Pierre Arvay


Cello: M. Lacrouts
Oboe: E. Mayousse
Timpani: G. Perotin
Saxophone: R. Simon
Guitar: R. Jimenes and F. Lemaguer


Re-release of the Cross through yesterday and present day album, issued in France in 1973 by the CBS label, 33 RPM (12 inch) n° 65 588.

Different order of tracks but same content as the first issue, even if most of the titles are renamed:
- Footing: Night on the street
Par un matin d’automneFall mood
Par un jour de fêteVillage holiday
PreambulumSweet sherry
Los DesterradosElegy in grey
Pré BachLady in waiting
Le Miroir de VivianeMorning reflections
Quand je t’aurai ditLooking back
En ce temps-làVillage fete