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Cross through yesterday and present day, Chronoscopie sonore

CBS 65 588 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1973 — France

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Pierre Arvay


Cello: M. Lacrouts
Oboe: E. Mayousse
Timpani: G. Perotin
Saxophone: R. Simon
Guitars: R. Jimenes and F. Lemaguer


To be re-released in 1985 by the Créa Sound label (Canada), under the name Chronoscopie sonore (ancient & modern), 33 RPM (12 inch) n° MCN 8031.

Different order of tracks but same content even if most of the titles are renamed:
- Footing: Night on the street
- Par un matin d’automne: Fall mood
- Par un jour de fête: Village holiday
- Preambulum: Sweet sherry
- Los Desterrados: Elegy in grey
- Pré Bach: Lady in waiting
- Le Miroir de Viviane: Morning reflections
- Quand je t’aurai dit: Looking back
- En ce temps-là: Village fete