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Chanson de Paris, 2 - 1925

Nippon Columbia XM-170-CM — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1971 — Japan

Introduction - Credits:

Summary - Information:

Singer(s) - Performer(s):

A1 and B2: Christian Duvaleix
A2, A4, B1, B4 et B6: Arletty
A3, A5 and B5: Éric Amado
A6: Yves Deniaud
B3: Jeannette Levasseur

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):

Pierre Arvay



Japanese pressing of the album Chansons 1925, issued in France by the Chant du monde label in 1968, 33 RPM (12 inch) n° LDX 74.366.

Different order of tracks but same content.