Le Bon numéro


Introduction - Credits:

Monthly French television show of approximately one hour, broadcast from 17 January 1962 to 3 June 1964 on channel one of RTF-ORTF

Creation, according to broadcasts: Roger Kahane, André Pergament, Jean-Paul Sassy, Roger Pradines or Jacques Rutman
Production: Pierre Bellemare, Jean-Paul Rouland, Claude Olivier
Co-production: RTF-ORTF
Original soundtrack: Pierre Arvay
Hosts: Pierre Bellemare and Jean-Paul Rouland, with the participation of Claude Darget in several shows

Summary - Information:

Variety game show that allows the viewer to find, through numerous sketches played by well-known performers of the time, the winning numbers of the national lottery and to win the amount at stake.

Three versions of the opening theme tune (marketed by Teppaz, 45 RPM n° 45.593, and by Bel air, 33 RPM n° 311.033) and some examples of themes, among dozens, composed to accompany sketches:

Singer(s) - Performer(s):

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):