La Principauté des lettres


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A regular radio programme broadcast on the Paris V channel (which went on to be called Modulation de fréquence, Réseau FM, France IV-RTF haute-fidélité and now France Musique).
A literary programme dedicated to newly published works and including excerpts read by various different people.

Music: Pierre Arvay

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A new version of the programme began on 28 March 1954, with a theme tune composed by Pierre Arvay.
This wasn’t an original piece of music, since it was actually the melody of the song La Cantilène, written in 1953. It was recorded that same year by François Deguelt, 78 RPM Columbia n° BF 569, and in 1958 by Jacques Douai, 33 RPM BAM n° LD 354. The song was also performed on stage by Cora Vaucaire.

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