Télé Paris - Paris en vacances


Introduction - Credits:

A regular radio programme broadcast on the Paris Inter channel (now France Inter).
A cultural programme with many guests discussing current affairs in Paris. This was also the first daily programme that was simultaneously broadcast on television and the radio.

Production: RTF, Roger Féral and Jacques Chabannes
Creation: Roger Croses and Philippe Ducrest
Presentation: Roger Féra, Jacques Chabannes and Jacques Angelvin

Summary - Information:

The programme broadcast on 26 September 1949 was the last in a special series called ‘Paris en vacances’, which ran during the summer.
Jean Solar was among the guests and performed the song La Petite flûte d’amour (J. Solar, P.-L. Picard/P. Arvay, J. Solar). It went on to be recorded in 1950 by La Régia, 78 RPM Odéon n° 282.157, and a duo consisting of Gilles Pellerin and Omer Duranceau, 78 RPM Alouette n° CH-501.

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