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Teppaz 30 S 2 & 30.513 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1960 — France

Introduction - Credits:

Summary - Information:

Singer(s) - Performer(s):

Vocal ensemble B1: Georges Cour

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):

Pierre Arvay


Horns A2: Georges Barboteu and André Fournier
Bassoon B3: Maurice Allard
Tuba B4: Jean-Baptiste Mari


This is one of the first classical music records entirely conceived, composed and orchestrated for stereophony, a brand new recording technique at that time.
A mono version was also marketed, as the equipment necessary to play stereo records was still uncommon in 1960.

Record n° 30 S 2 for the stereo version, 30.513 for the mono version.