Close Orchestration and arrangements for other composers

Chansons éternelles

Le Chant du Monde LD‑45 3019 — 45 RPM (7 inch) — 1957 — France

Introduction - Credits:

Summary - Information:

Singer(s) - Performer(s):

Xavier Depraz

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):

Pierre Arvay



Also issued in the same year on two 2-track 45 RPM (7 inch), records n° 45-1010 and 45-1011.

Over the course of the pressings, three kinds of round record labels for the 4-track 45 RPM: beige, featuring the old Le Chant du Monde logo, blue or grey, both featuring the more modern logo.
An even more ‘glossy’ sleeve version exists, whose record has a small hole and the grey round label; it is certainly from a more recent pressing.

Pierre Arvay used the pseudonym of Jean-Claude Roc for these orchestrations and arrangements.