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The Prisoner, original soundtrack

Network 7959049 — CD — 2017 — England

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Pierre Arvay for his track


Drums Holiday for drums: P. Berlioz and J.-C. Casadessus


6-CD box set presenting the library music and original soundtracks used in The Prisoner – a British television series first broadcast in 1967.

The library music includes Holiday for drums by Pierre Arvay. This track is not actually used in the series, although that was the original intention. In fact, a few bars of Holiday for drums were used in one of the first versions of the theme tune, composed by Wilfred Joseph. However, this particular tune was not chosen and, in the end, an original track composed by Ron Grainer was selected.

This is one of the rare releases to the general public of library music tracks, which are normally reserved for audiovisual professionals. It is the original tracks composed for a broadcast or a movie that are usually marketed.