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Tendrement votre

Columbia FP 1084 — 33 RPM (10 inch) — 1956 — France

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Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):

Benny Vasseur.
Arrangements from Armand Migiani except A2, arrangement from Jean Leccia.


Depending on the tracks:
Trumpet: Fred Gérard, Roger Guérin, Fernand Verstraete and Robert Fassin
Trombone: André Paquinet, Charles Verstraete, Gabriel Vilain and Benny Vasseur (leader)
1st alto sax: Georges Grenu
2nd alto sax and clarinet: Mickey Nicolas
Tenor saxs: Armand Migiani and André Dabonneville
Baritone sax: William Boucaya
Drums: Armand Molinetti
Bass: Pierre Michelot
Piano and organ: J.-C. Pelletier
Vibraphone: Michel Hausser


Record presenting an instrumental version of the song Sammy (M. Marc/P. Arvay), created and recorded by Annie Cordy in 1956.

Spelling mistake on the sleeve, ‘Pierre Arvey’ instead of ‘Arvay’.