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Dawn of the dead, original motion picture soundtrack

Film Music Archive FM01 — CD — 2016 — Australia

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Pierre Arvay for his tracks



Selection of library tracks used in the 1978 film Dawn of the dead (also known internationally as Zombie), presented as they were in the movie that is to say shortened or mixed together.
For tracks composed by Pierre Arvay:
- Eclipse is mixed with Sinestre (E. Towren);
- Désert de glace is mixed with Cosmogony part 4 (P. Lemel);
- Kadath is mixed with Action pack (S. Haseley), Waiting for the man (J. Trombey), Proud action (S. Haseley) and Dramatic moments n° 4 (E. Towren).

There are several editions of this film but three official versions: Argento-cut (also known as the European version), Romero-cut (also known as the Theatrical version) and the Director’s-cut (also known as the Extended version).
Several works of Pierre Arvay were used in two of them:
- The Romero cut/Theatrical version contains seven tracks: Caverne de glace, Désert de glace, Eclipse, El Chaco, Kadath, Snowbirds and Sonate (also known as Sonata);
- The Director’s cut/Extended version contains eight tracks: Caverne de glace, La Chevelure de Bérénice, Désert de glace, Eclipse, El Chaco, Ice floe, Kadath and Snowbirds.

This record is one of the rare releases to the general public of library music tracks, which are normally reserved for audiovisual professionals. It is the original tracks composed for a broadcast or a movie that are usually marketed.
CD in limited edition of 50 units.