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Doctor Who, The Massacre

BBC, Radio collection — Cassette & CD — 1999 — England

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Pierre Arvay for his tracks



Double CD containing the audio soundtrack of the four episodes of The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve of the British television series Doctor Who, with linking narration by actor Peter Purves. This audio recording is the only remaining trace of this fifth story of the third season (broadcast in 1966) as the video tapes were destroyed. Four tracks by Pierre Arvay appear on it, used as background music: The Hunted man (opening credits of the four episodes), Breath of fire (episodes n° 1 and 2), The Frightened man (episodes n° 2 and 3) and Little prelude (episode n° 4).

Also published on two audio cassettes the same year.

- 2003: 3-CD box set named Doctor Who, Adventures in history, including three audio recordings of lost episodes, including those from the story Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve;
- 2011: 12-CD box set named Doctor Who, The lost TV episodes, collection two: 1965-1966, including four audio recordings of lost episodes and an investigation into these missing archives. The double CD The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve now has a new orange design.

Over the course of the pressings of the original double CD and its re-release in 2003, there were some differences in the CD trays: black, with a smooth side strip, or transparent, with a smooth or ridged side strip.
When ‘2 CD’ was indicated on the side strip, it could be engraved at slightly different heights and was sometimes replaced by ‘2 Disc’.

In 2015, new 4-CD box set named Doctor Who, The Massacre, including only the story novelisation, narrated by actor Peter Purves, without extract of the original audio soundtrack, so without Pierre Arvay’s music.

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