Close Orchestration and arrangements for other composers


Various / Divers — Cassette & CD — 1984-2021

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Pierre Arvay for Mon homme, J’en ai marre, La Java, La Belotte and En douce



Since 1984, there have been many re-releases of these songs performed by Arletty and orchestrated/arranged by Pierre Arvay:
- Arletty, 33 RPM (12 inch) Le Chant du Monde n° LDX 74823. Appeared in 1984, it was also released on audio cassette the same year, cassette n° K 339-CM 546, and eventually on CD in 1989, CD n° LDX 274823;
- Mon homme, CD Le Chant du Monde n° 274 1387;
- Arletty, CD Forlane n° FOR 19262;
- 78 tours… et puis s’en vont : Arletty, CD Marianne mélodie n° 718924;
- Amour, mode d’emploi en 100 chansons, 4-CD box set Marianne Mélodie n° 053544;
Arletty, Mon homme, 33 RPM (12 inch) Le Chant du Monde n° 742963.64;
Arletty, Comme de bien entendu, CD RDM n° CD1263;
- Etc.

In the booklets, the date for these tracks is not always correct: they all have been recorded and marketed in 1956 except En douce, which was to be pressed only in 1957.