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Le Paulownia & La Petite fille à l’escargot

Alouette alp. 31 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1962 — Canada

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Narrators: Françoise Fechter, Maya Noël, Patrice Galbeau, and the little Gilles-Dominique Amado, Anne-Elizabeth Amado, Pascale-Tessa Amado, Christine Anouk Amado, Nathalie Françoise Amado, Renaud-Éric Amado, Catherine Arvay and Danielle Arvay (under the name of Catherine and Danielle Gonzalès)

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):

Pierre Arvay



Canadian pressing of two children’s tales narrated to Pierre Arvay’s music, issued in France by the Teppaz label in 1961 under the name L’Enfant et son royaume n° 1, 33 RPM (10 inch) n° 25.757.

Record issued around 1962.