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Squirrel SQLP 20012 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1975 — Italy

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A1 to B5: Jack Trombey and John Eady
B6: Pierre Arvay 



Wrong credits: all the titles are attributed to Raskovich (also known as Giuliano Sorgini), although he didn’t compose any of them.

Titles A1 to B5 come from the album Sliced orange composed by John Eady and Jack Trombey, 33 RPM (12 inch) n° 3323, issued by De Wolfe Music in 1975.
Title B6 comes from the album Orchestrations composed by Pierre Arvay, 33 RPM (12 inch) n° 3286, issued by De Wolfe Music in 1974.

Here are the original names and real credits of the tracks:
A1. Come mi va = So real (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
A2. La Cupida! = Stetson (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
A3. Quando mi va = That certain look (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
A4. Vedo nero! = Ayers rock (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
A5. Per favore… = Après-ski (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
B1. Faccio Io… = Feeling great (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
B2. Per dire! = Gold blend (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
B3. Poi vi spiego = Sliced orange (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
B4. Mentre voi = Funky pepper (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
B5. Siete solo = Man at bay (J. Eady, J. Trombey)
B6. Limoni verdi! = Laughing violins (P. Arvay)