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Présence contemporaine, musique française

De Wolfe Music DWS/LP 3309 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1975 — England

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Pierre Arvay for his tracks


Oboe A1: Claude Maisonneuve
Clarinet A1: Pierre Poulteau
Bassoon A1: André Rabot
Piano A2: Pierre Audon
Cellos B1: Michel Lacrouts and Jean-Marie Gamard
Piano B2: Pierre Arvay
Bassoon B3: Maurice Allard


Possible variations over the course of the pressings: different round record labels (red or white-blue-red), various sleeve printing types (for example glossy’ appearance or not), different sleeve printing companies, different contact details for the Music De Wolfe office in London, pressing of the records in England or Holland.