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EMI TWOX 1009 / TC-TWOX 1009 / 8X-TWOX 1009 / 2C 062‑94850 — 33 RPM (12 inch) & cassette — 1973 — Various countries

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Reg Tilsley for Pierre Arvay’s tracks



Also published in 1974 on audio cassette, reference TC-TWOX 1009, and on 8-track cartridge, reference 8X-TWOX 1009.

Two different sleeves for the records, issued over the course of the pressings, the first one being the one with the two actors. Round record label also different: blue EMI logo for the version with the picture of the two actors, red for the other one.

Also two versions for the cassette, the first one being the one with the two actors, the other with only one actor being issued in 1977.

Incomplete credits: two publishing dates are given depending on the tracks, 1972 or 1973. Several tracks, however, including the three by Pierre Arvay, came from albums released in 1971 by De Wolfe Music or its subsidiaries. 

Danish pressing issued in 1973 with the same reference, in the sleeve with the two actors keeping Made and printed in Great Britain’ printed on the back; round record label with the red EMI logo and a note ’Made in Denmark’.

Australian record and audio cassette issued in 1973 and 1974 respectively, with the same references. Record in the sleeve with the two actors but with some colours and a back slightly different from the British version, a slightly smaller size and textured paper; audio cassette with another design than in England, using the LP cover.

New Zealander cassette released around 1974 by EMI and His Master’s Voice (HMV). The reference and design are the same, but the layout of the cover is slightly different, with the addition of the HMV, Dolby and Whitcoulls logos.

French pressing issued in 1975 with the reference 2C 062‑94850, in a new version of sleeve, red; round record label with the red EMI logo.

Second Australian pressing issued around 1975 by the World Record Club label, 33 RPM (12 inch) n° R-05028, in a new sleeve design.

This is one of the rare releases to the general public of library music tracks, which are normally reserved for audiovisual professionals. It is the original tracks composed for a broadcast or a movie that are usually marketed.

British and Danish pressing British and Danish pressing British pressing British pressing British edition British edition British edition British edition Australian pressing Australian pressing Australian edition Australian edition New Zealander edition New Zealander edition French pressing French pressing Australian pressing Australian pressing