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De Wolfe Music DW/LP 3218 — 33 RPM (12 inch) — 1971 — England

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Pierre Arvay


Double bass A1: A.-L. Lecœur
Cello A2: R. Bernard
Violin A3: E. Alain
Alto A4: A.M. Ballot
Clarinet A5: J. Di Donato
Flute B1: J.-C. Gérard
Bass-clarinet B2: M. Nollet
Cor anglais B3: E. Mayousse
Recorder B4: P. Poulteau
Trumpet B5: L. St Clos
Alto saxophone B6: R. Simon


Spelling mistake on the sleeve and the round record label for track A3, Quand pleurissent les pervenches instead of Quand fleurissent les pervenches.

Possible variations over the course of the pressings: different round record labels (red or white-blue-red), various sleeve printing types (for example glossy’ appearance or not), different sleeve printing companies, different contact details for the Music De Wolfe office in London, pressing of the records in England or Holland.