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Les Bergers de la Salette

Diffusion Salettine HC 4 — 33 RPM (10 inch) — 1961 — France

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Narrators: Françoise Fechter, Patrice Galbeau, Robert Bourdin, and the little Gilles Amado and Danielle Arvay (under the name of Danielle Gonzalès)

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):

Pierre Arvay



The apparition of the Virgin Mary to two shepherds, Mélanie and Maximin, narrated to original music by Pierre Arvay.

This is a ‘film-record’: a film strip could be bought with the record. Its still images could then be shown when the record was playing, thanks to a synchronisation guide.
These film strips, with or without coordinated audio record, were used a lot in schools, youth clubs, education sessions or catechism classes. They were a visual support for the teacher or the speaker.

First version of this record pressed by Teppaz. Another one was to be pressed by another company and would have a more ‘glossy’ looking sleeve, with a different back and a different round record label from the first version.
This re-release could be from 1970, according to the numbers printed on the back of the sleeve.