Les Enfants des hommes


Introduction - Credits:

French 20-minute black and white short film

Creation: Bernard Bachelart
Production: PCIC, Paris (Les Productions cinématographiques inter continentales)
Photography: Maurice Fellous
Original soundtrack: Pierre Arvay
With: Lefevre-Bel, Saint-Sernin, Amos, Pierre Duncan, Albert Robin, Françoise Janvier, Guy, and Serge Duval, Pierre Flourens, Olivier Anger

Summary - Information:

Starting from the observation that children become part of the adult world from an increasingly young age, in particular because of the development of the media, this educational film offers a response to the question of sexuality and the origin of life, to put an end to clichés about girls being born under rose-bushes and boys in cabbage patches.

The opening and closing theme:

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