Madame J’ensors


Introduction - Credits:

French 22-minute short film in colour. Alternative spelling: Madame Jensors.

Creation: Paul de Roubaix
Screenplay: Armand Chartier
Production: Les Films je vois tout, with the cooperation of the Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche and the SCMA (Service cinématographique du ministère de l’agriculture), supported by the Société pour le développement des applications de l’électricité
Director of photography: F. Forestier
Cameraman: J. Prepoint et J. Chotel
Set: R. Gabutti
Editing: C. Armand
Sound engineer: A. Louis
Original soundtrack: Pierre Arvay
With: Claude Garbe, Catherine Cuiney, Georges Maurin, Jean Brunel and Patrice Houy

Spelling mistake in the Music credits, ‘Pierre Harvay’ instead of ‘Arvay’.

Summary - Information:

A fanciful and fictional look at the household problems of women in the countryside and the possible solutions provided by electrical equipment.

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