Ballades de Paris


Introduction - Credits:

French series of 13 black and white short films of approximately 24 minutes
Creation: Jean-Pierre Desty, assisted by Jacques Audoir
Production: SPART (Société de productions artistiques et de réalisations techniques)
Production director: Henry Polage
Images, according to films: Oleg Tourjansky (assisted by P. Mandrin) or Roger Duculot (assisted by N. Citowitch)
Technical collaboration for some films: René Vernadet
Editing: Catherine
Original soundtrack: Pierre Arvay
Songs: words by Jean-Pierre Desty, music by Pierre Arvay
Narration, according to films: Maurice Biraud, René Lebrun, Pierre Loray…

Summary - Information:

Each of these 13 Ballades (released between 1957 and 1958) introduces a different neighbourhood of Paris, quickly recounting the history and highlighting distinctive features from real life footage and press.
A commentary in a mocking tone as well as a song and original music created especially for each film, bring an offset and artistic feel.

Detail of the episodes:

1) Les Champs-Élysées, with the song Champs-Élysées valse performed by Andrée Lescot
2) Les Grands boulevards, with the song Les Grands boulevards performed by Jean-Louis Tristan
3) Montmartre, with the song À Montmartre
4) La Cité, with the song Notre-Dame performed by François Deguelt
5) Le Palais Royal, with the song Le Palais Royal performed by Simone Alma
6) La Seine, with the song Seine performed by Simone Alma
7) La Tour Eiffel, with the song Tour Eiffel polka performed by Les chœurs de la Tour Eiffel
8) Les Beaux quartiers, unidentified song
9) Le Marais, with the song Fantômes de Paris
10) Le Quartier latin, with the song Au quartier latin
11) Le Centre de Paris et Les Halles, unidentified song
12) La Rue de Rivoli et Les Tuileries, with the song Tuileries
13) Cocktail de Paris, which summarises the 12 previous Ballades and proposes an excerpt of the 12 original songs

Opening theme tune and an extract of some songs:

Singer(s) - Performer(s):

Orchestrator(s) & arranger(s):